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The number one objective of the recovery stages is to help families, friends, and loved ones of addicts get the addict into rehab as quickly as possible. A lot of people don’t know what an intervention is, or have the wrong idea about the purpose of an intervention. Simply said, an intervention is a deliberate, organized event in which the addict’s family members appeal to the addict to seek rehab, or face consequences, which typically include leaving the house, forfeiting their car, or being excluded from the family. Your neighborhood can help families locate an interventionist, a local treatment program, and get the right kind of help for their loved one. A proper intervention can rescue a heroin addict from a terrible, short life by persuading them to agree on rehabilitation.

It’s a frustrating or frightening experience to watch a friend suffer and fight against substance addiction. Occasionally, and intervention is as easy as asking the individual to quit their behavior, but usually it requires an organized, combined effort by family and friends. To find an interventionist, find a treatment program, or learn about substance dependency in general, contact us today. Help a family member retrieve the support desperately needed.

You might be asking, "How can I help my loved one get better?" and "What's my part in helping my loved one get help for this dependency?" Friends and family members care deeply for the one that is suffering from addiction, but it could wear them down to have to say 'no' all the time. It's irritating to feel used by the addict, and having to watch on as other people encourage the addict with codependent behavior. You can't be frightened of confrontation. Worry can't stop you from taking action. However, with the help of a professional treatment center you can get your loved one the help they need.

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