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Years of dependency can create chemical reactions that may deposit within the body after prolonged drinking and substance abuse. Part of the goal of detoxification is to start getting rid of those substances from the body. However, detox is also for modifying the withdrawal symptoms that addicts fear. As rapidly and safely as possible, the cleansing can either include the slow reduction of the substance, the slow reduction of the chemical, briefly replacing with other substances, or going ‘cold turkey’ under supervision. Essentially, it has to be understood that detoxification is only an efficient first step when followed by rehab.

A lot of addicts dread the withdrawal symptoms of their substance of abuse much more than they want the effects of using. For a select few people, withdrawal can be fatal, not to mention uncomfortable and awful for many others. A rehabilitation specialist’s main goal is to make sure their clients detoxify properly and swiftly. Detoxification is not considered a treatment for their drug abuse. This stage is an extremely efficient first step to recovery if it’s followed by an in depth rehabilitation program, like counseling and group therapy.

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